Growing Trends In LED Grow and Aquarium Lights

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Dennis McCarthy
UBM -SSL industry writer

A trio of SSL concerns- they make interesting grow lights –



I have had a heightened interest in the grow light segment of LED lighting for many years. I’m a believer that SSL both ILEDs and OLED will be used in a greater percentage in

the next few decades. What I want to do is to put a focus on a few of these growing concerns attempts to use social media in their marketing efforts. I will state that I’m not affiliated with any of them.

The idea behind this story isn’t to promote a product or two – it’s to see how these firms who have these innovative wares are expanding their fan (buyer) base by using social media.


So there will be some acknowledgement- some promotion but in keeping with this sites Apropos minimal shilling sensibilities I will only mention each firm once. I’ll start with the second of the three – Envirolux has their Grow Pro rail arrangement. I think the firms approach to getting their message to the LED grow light group on Linked In epitomizes the value of using

the right variant of social media. They have this innovative product that is well suited for it’s task. So if ya got something that’s a top tier product how do you make it known – there are a bevy of competitors with their own publicity and marketing schemes. This team coupled their rail with magnetic discs with a sound (subtle) and effective awareness campaign – they did well with both the product engineering and the items marketing… this coming from stalwarts of induction lighting wares. A well-played pivot is my take on it.


The third of the 3 firms make a similar light fixture using a tile in a track approach- Elive pet products has their aquarium lights purpose built to illuminate planted aquaria or for coral propagation.

So with their small target audience focus they took a route that’s taken sometime – they virtually do no marketing for this cool grow light. They have recently seen a spike in sales without spending the money. I will credit the strong word of mouth endorsement of this aquarium light by certain species specific growers who have found this one is great for closet grows- especially with its easy change CCT tiles which can turn a good SSL veg light into a great flowering stage light using a flexible infrastructure.

Sure the acceptance of LED aquarium lighting has been a fast growing market subset – but this one with its affordable price point is easily and discretely acquired and deployed. The managers shared that they know of the scope of their products acceptance. They have effectively got luck and timing working for them,  AND on top of their neat design they’ve got a growing list of interested parties – they haven’t had a compelling reason to fish around on social media – so they have its use in the TBA category. A nice luxury for a small nimble & esoteric concern



Lastly I’ll bring up my primary focus on a LED grow lighting firm that are really doing the job well its LumiGrow. This firm has a mastery of understanding what constitutes a well-designed LED grow light. They understand horticulture – they have been making and distributing LED grow light systems for many years AND they have a cogent effective tack on marketing them.


They, LumiGrow have been renowned for doing great videos that evaluate grow lights they have a sensitivity for doing meaningful comparison using the right equipment and metrics.

They have a more established, solid footing in the LED grow lights realm & have garnered the most credibility for their team efforts with academic horticultural advancement, at the commercial level (internationally) and they are embracing their new fans – customers who are often end users…frequently as hobbyist or potreprenuers. This teams’ concern with the use of the right tools + measures to illustrate their claims… got me, from the first time I saw one of their videos – come on, who else in the segment is defining PPFD attributes (photosynthetic flux density levels) of the items they carry? The folks involved with this premier grow lighting concern have a strong social media presence. They are found on Linked in, on Instagram- twitter and Facebook . The publicity they garner in newspapers or from the lighting industry trade publication helps to bolster their renown.

So they could be pointed out as exemplars doing it right on several levels- not the least of which being social media marketing. I credit some of their success on the teams’ collective eloquence! So in conclusion I don’t see a correlation between success in marketing LED grow lights and a heavy presence on the big 4 platforms- It seems like the cream will get to the top irrespective of fanfare and notoriety – It appears that what IS helping in the ascent of the segments lights are – 1: how well are they designed and made these days and 2: in how certain entities are in getting that message out there, it seems to be about working the let’s publicize our grow lights effectively message done deftly and adroitly.


Without sounding like cheerleader or investor I can reflect on how this mushrooming segment of SSL will see its own “masters of the craft” do well – each using a different strategy. I hope the best of the segment get the laurels, the sales and the recognition they merit.

Dennis McCarthy
July 05, 2014
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