Four questions for Mr. Staffan Hillberg, CEO at Heliospectra

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Momentum is building at Heliospectra – Four questions for Mr. Staffan Hillberg
By Dennis McCarthy
The presumption here is that you the reader have an interest in LED grow lights.It’s equally likely you have heard of the firm Heliospectra AB out of Sweden. I recently had an opportunity to interview the firms’ leader and CEO, Mr Staffan Hillberg and he was gracious enough to answer four of my queries.

Staffan – I want start by expressing my gratitude for your time and insights.
It’s apparent that the LED grow light sector has seen much growth and sophistication over the last few years. With regards to Heliospectra to publicize the corporate message; do you see an expanded role for the use of social media outlets to spread the word?
SH We base our messaging on an in depth understanding of plants and how the plants are affected by light. There is a degree of satisfaction in our role as respected participants in the move towards LED lighting for horticulture. The Heliospectra team members excel at educating the buyers of such wares.
The trend to have more educated, astute buyers is in play. It helps us in our endeavours to be able to coach those moving away from legacy grow lights or who are in need of strategic guidance.
With an interconnected world, social media definitely has an important role to play in our message bringing.

DM- It’s been reported that Heliospectra has added some well respected and industrious
employees lately like : Caroline Nordahl Wells – Does that mean you may have an opportunity
to get the occasional day off from your efforts?
SH Having Caroline join the Heliospectra team has been very important for us. She brings a strong background in marketing and selling horticultural lighting. We see the North American market as having a major role in our global sales efforts. The ratio of work to time off has remained constant -With more travel to the Middle East Asia & through- out Europe instead of multiple trips to North America heliospectr


DM When dealing with regulatory aspects of North American vs Eurozone markets- Will VF and horticulture entrepreneurship concerns do better overall due to less regulation in Europe?
SH We do not see a lot of differences from a regulatory standpoint. It’s true the different markets are regulated when it comes to food production and processing – but in different ways.Both regions are moving towards more ecologically grown healthy food that is being driven by end customers and then being regulated by authorities.
DM It’s a typical thing for me to look towards future improvements and innovations in the LED grow light sector – With the advent of wares like hybrid OLED –LED luminaires would you want to speculate on the role of OLED lighting in horticultural settings? Do you see such items gaining in popular use in VF and grow rooms contingent on favourable performance traits?
SH We see Heliospectra as a company that has a strong knowledge about plants both in how they react to light spectrum but in also how they communicate back to us.This is one of the proprietary items in our patent portfolio. We are agnostic with regards to the light engine used in the grow light luminaire.

Once the technology ( the OLEDs themselves) reach a certain level of appropriateness we will include such products in our catalogue of wares. OLED does show a strong promise and we are following this evolution. The expectation is they will come along and have a role in the meta category of SSL used in Horticulture.
Staffan – I would like to thank you for your participation and in an overarching sense, Thank you for your leadership in making the LED Grow light segment even more robust and exceptional!
Should you want to reach Staffan at Heliospectra here is the corporate website link


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