Dennis Visits Cultivate’16 in Columbus Ohio

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Dennis McCarthy reports from Cultivate 16: (Submitted by Hot Rod.)


So I recently attended Cultivate’16 in Columbus Ohio, It made for an interesting experience – to a point.

Seed and bulb merchants vied for attendees attention – Some of the wares were big as a boat shed while out exhibitor’s typical items dealt with things found at a farm & garden segment’s trade event.

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I care mostly about things like lighting – so I’ll concentrate on the shows Grow light products-

The event had a limited palette of vendors – I focused in on those with SSL products… so one will go unnamed.The familiar participants were there: Philips Horticultural Lighting -LumiGrow, Illumitex,Heliospectra. The representatives of the LED grow light segment really did a nice job of adroitly marketing their SSL. Some have the pitches and Rationale Annunciation, down pat – some were earnest but less persuasive. Honestly, some of the grow lights were far from spectacular. There were more than the aforementioned quartet


But some second tier Grow light concerns make mediocre products –No reason to talk them up.Fortunately, they were the minority at Cultivate. The top firms there demonstrated abundant professionalism It was noticeable in their wares’ design & constructs: the leaders also had acumen rich representatives to elaborate on the items finer point’s.

On the other hand there were a couple of vendors there with something special -One company has a hundred plus year heritage with lighting, that being Hubbell Lighting.

Their examples of 2016 model year stuff showed a fairly high degree of sophistication – what with their interoperability.I guess there is a Midwestern style Atta boy I could send to this centurion corporate concern.They seem to be looking to serve customers large and small. And yes I guess that could be construed as a nod to the “which segment to sell to angst” going on in the Grow lighting realm.Where Philips won’t go to // others will. This part of the grow light segment features lamps with similar architecture structure – most are using the same, better diodes within the light engines.

I think buyers almost expect advanced controllers some via your devices- phones by now, others had the “tethered” version of them.The apt adage is one regarding keeping up with the Joneses.Going forward it will be hard to send out a grow lamp sans an LCD or OLED display. I think most wares from these name brand – legacy brand suppliers will keep grading out between B’s and A+ type grades for design & performance.

Hey but there was one firm that left me extremely impressed FLUENCE – Wow were these guys astute, more wisdom on multiple tiers than I ‘ve seen in years. Their deal: they enable phytobiological engineering advances. I have never been so agog overseeing technology being leveraged they do it. Great, and I mean World class great LED Grow lights ( And no I’m not on their payroll) The positive about the many products at Cultivate was to see them up close- turn my spectrometer on them, hear of their capabilities. That part made the show worth the 6-hour drive.

Supplemental to the products to be seen — the event is renown for great presentations and eloquent speakers passionately educating the audiences. The shame there was I only had time for a couple of ’em.

The Philips SSL tales from the front lines seminar talk was viewed as very relevant. The subsequent panel had questions + responses that most of us were really interested in.

Then while it’s no surprise that the networking opportunity was wonderful I barely took part in that.The town and show had that collegian frat/ convivial gathering feel – I think I’ll attend Cultivate 2018!



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