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Dennis Visits Cultivate’16 in Columbus Ohio

Jul 19, 2016 Comments Off on Dennis Visits Cultivate’16 in Columbus Ohio by

Dennis McCarthy reports from Cultivate 16: (Submitted by Hot Rod.)   So I recently attended Cultivate’16 in Columbus Ohio, It made for an interesting experience – to a point. Seed and bulb merchants vied for attendees attention – Some of the wares were big as a boat shed while out exhibitor’s typical items dealt with […]

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Assessing LED grow lights… effectively

Oct 15, 2015 Comments Off on Assessing LED grow lights… effectively by

‘Dennis McCarthy’ reporting: Those of us reporting on the dynamic solid state lighting industry have seen big developments recently, notably how the SSL grow light segment has been expanding. This piece isn’t meant to be a stand in for a consumer’s report style story. The intent is to help those involved in LED grow light […]

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Conversation on Indoor Horticulture with Blake Lange of Philips Lighting

Apr 10, 2015 Comments Off on Conversation on Indoor Horticulture with Blake Lange of Philips Lighting by

Our resident SSL expert ‘Dennis McCarthy’ speaks with Blake Lange of Philips Lighting about – Grow lights, city farming and vertical farms Who has an interest in indoor horticulture and best practices regarding the various facets of indoor agri- business. I know my colleague Blake Lange does! He is involved with the Philips Lighting’s Horticultural […]

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  Written by, -Nathan Kurt Hardenburg aka The Rainbow Rogue Cultivation Phenosmith PCOB (Phosphor Chip On Board) is a COB or MCOB (Multi-Chip on board) LED Light-Engine that has a specific ‘Phosphor’ layer added over it, in order to tune the spectral output aka “color-temperature” of the light more suited for plant growth. If you […]

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Understanding PAR in Lighting

Dec 26, 2014 No Comments

Every industry that utilizes light, has their own way of measuring the intensity, perceived color and overall output of particular lighting apparatus. In photography, foot-candles describe the intensity of light on the subject, while kelvin describes color and Lumen is a measurement of light output. For horticulturalists using artificial light, these terms are insufficient, plant […]

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Avante` OLED Gardener

Jul 28, 2014 No Comments

History and future of Lighting in Horticulture submitted by Dennis McCarthy   Farm museums have these tools and pieces of equipment from bygone times. Old plows and implements were part of that scene- nowadays they’re not so relevant! People involved in horticulture are seeing a slow, incremental change in one of their trusted standbys. Gas […]

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The significance of light quality in cultivation

Oct 23, 2013 No Comments

Contributed by: Niko Kivioja, CEO Netled Oy Since there is a lot of discussion going on about using led lighting in plant cultivation from the point of view of energy savings compared to “old“ technology and that topic has been discussed on these forums quite thoroughly, I will now give a brief glimpse of the […]

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Horticultural Blues and Reds by Dennis McCarthy

Jul 19, 2013 No Comments

 Dennis McCarthy  is an Educator , product analyst , writer and  quality maven in the solid state lighting field- and  has recently  become a SSL  horticultural  product “inventor” who has a  new item under the sun made to enhance photosynthetic flux density output numbers. We’re all witnessing the optimization of an approach with regards to […]

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How LED Horticultural Lighting could Revolutionize Vertical Farming

May 29, 2013 No Comments

Vertical farming combined with LED lighting is the potential future of urban-based food production centers. The trend of vertical farming has become increasing attractive as agricultural spaces become scarcer and further away from city centers and populations. Traditional lighting sources such as HPS, HID and florescent lighting, use enormous amounts of electricity and produce substantial […]

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