Are Medical Marijuana Producers Going LED?

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With the rise of 100% legal  Medical marijuana growers, are many using LED Technology? Absolutely yes. Colorado growers are welcoming LED Growlights that reduce air conditioning bills and operating expenses. Others are mixing in or side lighting for extra yields.


Colorado already has been upgrading to LEDs

We found a legal grower in Canada who is running some serious tests and trials on 4 different LED growlights and running HPS to compare and provide detail analysis.

Medical Marijuana LED Growroom

Medical Marijuana LED Growroom


This Vancouver producer asked to stay anonymous because of strict new Medical marijuana advertising laws in Canada that require them not to make marijuana products so appealing.


No 3 watt arrays in this Hi Tech Hydroponic Medical marijuana Grow room, This Drip-emitter, Pipe system features 4 types of LED Grow lights including: High Powered 3 inch LED waffers from Mole-Richardson Co. USA

LED Grow light

LED Grow light trial in Vancouver BC

LED Grow light

Mole-Richardson Co. USA


High-powered MCOB LEDs from

GrowthStar LED Grow light

MCOB LEDs from



Titian Series From Gen Lighting


Titian Pro

Titian Pro

and the old trusted 1000 watt Digital ballast HPS


Although they were only just over 1 week in service, these plants look amazing. We plan to post photos and interviews in upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

P1070319 P1070320 P1070323 P1070328 LED Grow light tests

Thanks to GrowthStar for all the Pics, you can see more Pics and Vids from here on Facebook.



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