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Understanding PAR in Lighting

Dec 26, 2014 No Comments by

Every industry that utilizes light, has their own way of measuring the intensity, perceived color and overall output of particular lighting apparatus. In photography, foot-candles describe the intensity of light on the subject, while kelvin describes color and Lumen is a measurement of light output. For horticulturalists using artificial light, these terms are insufficient, plant […]

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Are Medical Marijuana Producers Going LED?

Dec 21, 2014 No Comments by

With the rise of 100% legal ┬áMedical marijuana growers, are many using LED Technology? Absolutely yes. Colorado growers are welcoming LED Growlights that reduce air conditioning bills and operating expenses. Others are mixing in or side lighting for extra yields.   We found a legal grower in Canada who is running some serious tests and […]

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